BIOArt Skvorcov was destined for a life of fitness. He was raised in an athletic family and lived most his life in or around gyms. Growing up in Europe and holding a job at his parents’ health club, Art always enjoyed working out. He met and trained with many professional and Olympic athletes. While becoming very familiar with training, at the age of 16, he earned his first certification from the European Fitness Federation.

After making the journey of moving to the US, he occupied all his time going to school and in the gym. He spent countless hours and days studying diet, nutrition, and the fundamentals of building a master physique.

To this day, his researching never ends and he finds exciting yet more efficient ways to train. Meanwhile Art’s hobby of motorcycle stunt riding became a professional career. Pushing himself to the limits after multiple injuries, he began to look into the recovery and rebuilding stages of muscle development. In 2010, Art took his training to a new level and started competing in bodybuilding.

To prepare his mind and body for the stage, he himself-mastered the exact science, nutrition, and training. He soaked up information like a sponge and transformed his life to be the best he could be. Since, he has competed in numerous shows doing both bodybuilding and now physique.

Founder of Art’s Fit Matrix, he has introduced an exhilarating yet dynamic training and nutrition plan to the public. His clients have great results and proven success with his guidance. Art now brings his passion and knowledge to you. Art focuses on being in a great physical shape year round without crash dieting. The main goal of his Fit Matrix plan is to lead each client into a healthy lifestyle change.

He tailors each program individually to fit your specific needs, female or male; because everyone is different and what works for one- doesn’t work for all. He understands women want to be toned and in shape yet stay feminine.


Let Art, dedicated trainer of Fit Matrix, prepare you mentally and physically to reach your fitness goals!