Art Testimonial (no dates)Before training with Art I already knew a lot about fitness and in the past I used a few trainers. I always assumed there was not much more any one could teach me about fitness and training. Although my skepticism changed when I saw my before and after pictures after training with Art,  I can't believe how wrong I was. My transformation still amazes me.
Due to the fact that I live several states away most of our work was done remotely.  Art was very hands-on, no cookie-cutter diets, he asks for pics, makes adjustments, incredibly responsive, and proactively tries to understand what’s working and what’s not. It was a complete difference from one of the more well-known internet coaches I used, where answers were one-words in a quick email and the diets super-complex and generic.I’m almost 40, and i just recovered from rotator cuff surgery. Not to mention a super-demanding job with a heavy travel schedule. It’s a horrible environment to stay fit. But in a few months, I was down to 2.8% body-fat in a Hydrostatic test, and had more muscle than ever before in my life. In fact, I placed in my first ever physique show! Art’s plans were detailed, but simple enough where I could work them around my schedule. He pushed me to stay on track, and totally changed how I approach things. When he says it’s a lifestyle approach, he’s not kidding. If it works with my lifestyle, it can work for anyone.

If you’re going to compete, he does excellent show prep – full service – from posing, to tanning, and helping you mentally prep letting you know what to expect. Needless to say, I’m amazed by the results. But I’m even more amazed by his dedication to his clients. I’ve already recommended him to family and friends and their experience is the same. Diets, supplements, workouts, travel tips, injury tips…it’s no joke.

If you can become his client, follow his guidance to a “T”, and you’ll feel part of a new family. An amazingly fit family. You’ll be so much better off for it.

Mike Reavey